Welcome to Libra Vita. We are pleased to announce our new line of Green Faery Botanicals™ bath and body products. Our entire line of products are made with only the finest, fresh ingredients, organic whenever available and 100% cruelty-free!

We make all our bath and body products by hand in small batches using safe, natural ingredients that nurture the body and enhance the well-being of the Mind and Spirit. Our fragrances are proprietary blends, formulated from pure, therapeutic grade essential oils, attars and plant resins. We color our products using only natural herbs, spices and non-toxic natural mineral pigments.

At Libra Vita we strive to provide safe nurturing products made from ingredients gathered from around the world; with regard for sustainable farming practices, environmentally sound and worker-safe production methods, and a fair living wage.

…with respect for the Web of Life".
Aileen & Mykael